The Platinum Concierge is a full service firm, with a team of professionals and trusted partners. We have taken hospitality to heart. Rest assured when you are under our care, your satisfaction, safety, and enjoyment is our only focus and goal. We invite you to discover the Art of Service personally.


Business     |     Travel     |     Charter     |     Personal     |     Event

Business Services

Client relations at a higher level.
  • Multilingual
  • Client Entertainment and Management
  • Corporate and Special Event Planning
  • Critical Business Remote Administration and Management
  • Executive Team Building
  • High Priority Business Delivery and Purchases
  • Project Management
  • Relocation Services

Travel Services

The joy of exploration!
  • Reservations & Bookings
  • Itinerary Design & Coordination
  • In-Person Travel Assistance & Guide
  • Shopping Excursion

Charter Services

Point A to B with ease & comfort.
    • Transportation
    • Logistics Management
    • All Vehicle Types Available
    • Yachts & Personal Jets

    Personal Services

    The freedom of time.
      • Pick Up & Deliveries
      • Gift Purchase & Shopping
      • Household Management
      • House Sitting
      • Lifestyle Management
      • Interior & Organization

      Event Services

      Celebrate in style!
      • Event Design & Execution
      • Dining & Beverage Catering
      • Music
      • Floral Design
      • Furniture & Prop Rental

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